Marshall Mini Stack Series MS-2R Micro Guitar Amplifier

Marshall Mini Stack Series MS-2R Micro Guitar Amplifier ...

SONICAKE Guitar Bass Headphone Amp Mini Headphone Amplifier US Madness Rechargeable Pocket Chorus Effects

SONICAKE Guitar Bass Headphone Amp Mini Headphone Amplifier US Madness ...

    • Ideal Carry-On/Bedroom Guitar Effects with Headphone Amplifier for Silent Practicing
    • Dynamic Clean Tone designed for both Guitar and Bass
    • Built-in Chorus Effects adding additional Sonic Dimensions to the Overall Tone
    • Headphone Splitter & 1/8'' Aux Cable included, providing more possibilities for various contexts of use
    • USB-Chargeable (USB Charging Cable included) for 5 Hours Continuous Operation
Etlephe 298A Mini Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier,Amplifier home Audio,Audio Receiver,300W+300W 2 Channel Power Sound Receiver/USB,SD Card,FM Radio,2 Mic for Home Speakers & Theater System-12V 110V US Plug

Etlephe 298A Mini Bluetooth Stereo Amplifier,Amplifier home Audio,Audi ...

    • 【Authentic HIFI Stereo Amplifier】 With a master volume, a treble adjustment and a bass adjustment, analogically adjustable to control the amplifier. Reproduces the world of music in a real way, giving you true HIFI sound. Built-in transformer and US plug, the 2 channel Bluetooth 5.0 stereo amplifier receiver provides 300W x 2 P.M.P.O(Peak Music Power Output), which is is perfect for your karaoke and home theater acoustic sound system.
    • 【Supports Multiple Music Formats】Support SD card, U disk, MP3 format playback,This amplifier has a USB input that allows you to decode mp3, ideal for playing the music you like the most. Plug it in and play instantly, suitable for your karaoke and home theater audio system, left and right sound box output connector clip, can be connected to home tv audio, computer audio system, games, tower, garden speakers output.
    • 【Two microphone input slots】 So many people can sing at the same time. You and your friends will enjoy the fun of singing,The digital amplifier box supports USB 2.0/SD Card/FM/Microphone input and various external sources RCAaudio input(such as pc/mobile/laptop)/DC 12v and AC110v power Input,Transformador incorporado y enchufe de EE. UU.
    • 【Bluetooth5.0】 Wireless Bluetooth, easy to connect with smart phones, tablets and other bluetooth devices. It also has a USB input. That is, stream the music however you want, enjoying the music with high quality,Small simple compact design also for car audio system,Home audio, various parties, family gatherings, dance classes, bars, restaurants, night clubs, etc.
    • 【Infrared remote control】 Infrared remote control. Access and perfect communication between the person and the amplifier. Its operation is simple and easy to understand, allowing you to do whatever you want, If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us.
SHIDU Mini Voice Amplifier Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker with Wired Microphone Headset 10W 1800mAh PA system Supports MP3 Format Audio for Teacher, Taxi Driver, Coaches, Training, Tour Guide

SHIDU Mini Voice Amplifier Portable Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker wit ...

    • 【EXCELLENT SOUND & MULTI-FUNCTION】 - The voice amplifier is not only a nice voice saver which with super 10 Watts output, provides a clear, natural and crystal voice, sounds coverage up to 10000 square feet and ideal for a small or large group of 40-100 people. But also a MP3 player which supports TF card & U disk.
    • 【BLUETOOTH FUNCTION】Not only an amplifiers but also a portable Bluetooth speaker, you can stream your favorite music from any type of Bluetooth-enabled mobile device, up to 33 feet away.
    • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO USE】 - This Bluetooth amplifier is small in size (3. 1 x 1. 2 x 4 inches) and lightweight (0. 4 lb), you can use the back detachable clip to fix it on your belt or pocket, or you can also tie it around your waist or hang it on your neck with the help of the waistband, very easy to carry. No complex set up, one second connection with the voice amplifier and the microphone.
    • 【LONG WORKING TIME】 - Rechargeable voice amplifier built-in a 1800mAh big lithium battery, you can use it for up to12 hours (MIC mode), 6 to 8 hours (musical mode) with a fully charged battery. You can use USB cable to charge this mini voice amplifier. Only needs 3~5 hours to fully charge it.
    • 【ADJUSTABLE AND COMFORTABLE MICROPHONE HEADSET】The wired headworn microphone is adjustable. You can adjust the distance between your mouth and the mic. Made of durable and wear-resistant ABS material, this voice amplifier looks fashion. Suitable for teaching, trainer, singer, coacher, tour guide, shopping mall, presentation, outdoor speech and etc. .
Nobsound NS-03G Subwoofer Amplifier 100W Mini SUB Power Amp

Nobsound NS-03G Subwoofer Amplifier 100W Mini SUB Power Amp ...

    • NS-03G is a sub power amplifier for passive subwoofer. Please note it is not compatible with active/powered subwoofers as well as normal speakers.
    • It adopts TPA3116D2 chip and can offer 100W high power. With smooth volume control knob.
    • Super mini size and solid shell. It can be easily placed on your desktop or your subwoofer.
    • 3.5mm AUX input. You can connect various sound sources like phones, CD players, TV very easily.
    • This one doesn’t include a power supply. You can choose our high quality 19V power supply (ASIN: B074J81XRB) or buy the power supply you like. Please choose good quality power supply. We recommend 12~24V, at least 4A.

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